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My friend Lisa Jadis, introduced me to Life Matters. It is not just a company, but a tribe that has joined together in their small lakeside community. They have various products from apparel, Vibe shakes (probiotic shake that helps with weight management and faster workout recovery), their Mind Brainiac Nootropic (capsules that help you think clearly, enhance focus and improves memory) and their Life Shotz (Drink packets that revitalize your mood, fight oxidative stress and boosts your immune system.) I like working with companies that send a positive message into healthy aging and living a healthy lifestyle, that is my own personal goal in life is to inspire people to want to live that lifestyle, so it is fun finding companies and people who share that same message. I was on their website and came across this cool article that’s called “3 ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Secretly Aging You.” In this witty article, it tells you the fads/myths of what people believe and the reality of what it is doing to you:

  1. Tick Tock, Watch The Clock: “Only eat when you’re hungry.” How many times have you heard this? Well, here’s what happens when you skip snacks or meals and only eat until you’re ready to gnaw your own arm off: your brain releases a boatload of ghrelin (aka “the hunger hormone”), causing you to overeat, often on not-good-for-you foods. This produces more free radicals in your body, the culprit behind aging. What you can do: make sure to always have something in your belly during the day. If you’re guilty of hitting up the snack machine or diving into your coworker’s candy dish, pre-plan your snacks the day before. Choose fiber-filled foods like veggies, fruits and nuts. They’re not only healthy, but also slower to digest.
  2. Making Fat Your Enemy: Fat is not the enemy. Let’s go ahead and repeat that. FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY. Yet, we’ve been led to believe this for years from the diet industry and “badvertizers” trying to sell us fat-free foods. While fat from French fries or king size candy bars won’t help us fight the effects of Father Time, the right kinds of fat will! Healthy fats are essential for glowing, firm and youthful skin … and overall good health.
  3. Living In Your Spandex: Don’t get us wrong – exercise is good. But if you’re sweatin’ to the oldies 24-7 and overdoing your cardio activity while ignoring your strength training, your youthfulness will pay the price. This will break down your muscles and increase the production of free radicals, adding years to your body. Take a day off in between intense workouts (2 days for super high intensity) and don’t forget to strength train in addition to cardio.

So when you are looking in the mirror obsessing about that ONE wrinkle, remember that healthy lifestyle changes can improve the healthy youthful appearance. Yes, you too can be mistaken for that younger sibling.


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