Magnetic Resonance Therapy…It’s a BIG Deal for Spas

Eric and I just attended our first MagneCon Conference in Clearwater Florida, providing our “Flawless Patient Experiences” presentation.  We have been working with the founder of Magneceutical Health, Allen Braswell,  to assist in bringing this new and effective technology to the spa space.  As wellness continues to merge with technology, savvy spas and wellness centers are already seeing the benefit of jumping in early.  Check out our Spa Page.

We first met Allen and his team at a Florida Spa Association event and quickly determined that the therapy was extremely important for the spa and wellness world… for a few reasons, and we wanted to help.

DK and ES

Eric and I

Allen Braswell and Frank Caruso

Allen Braswell and Frank Caruso

  • Research validates the effectiveness of the therapy for pain, headaches and stress – things most spa guests experience
  • This service can be provided without the presence of a practitioner creating a valuable addition to the spa menu – very important for spas struggling to attract and keep high quality practitioners.
  • For guests who are not keen on massage, this provides many of the same benefits without the “hands on” component.

Spas and wellness centers are already seeing the benefit of purchasing a Magnesphere and are utilizing it to maximize their guest’s experience  – Check these out

During the conference, we were fortunate to hear from Dr. Jerry Jacobson, who has researched and perfected Magnetic Resonance Therapy for over 30 years.  He’s basically in Einstein’s league….


And we heard from other experts validating the efficacy, such as Creator of the Deflame Diet, Dr. David R. Seaman.


As technology continues to merge with wellness, the Magnesphere is a great addition to forward thinking spas ready to offer wellbeing in a new and unique way.

DreamWater provided all the attendees with a great natural sleep option.  As more properties move to offering clients wellbeing options, this is a great choice.

DW at MCon

For more information on how to acquire a Magnesphere or DreamWater for your property, drop us a note and we will hook you up! or




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