Minerals and Hair Care… A love story

When I find spectacular products, I have to share them with the World.  Especially when they are new, unique and have a great founding story.

I recently found this with Saphira Hair Care

This product is a must see for spas and salons  

A friend of mine discovered Saphira and asked if I would like to try the product.  If I’m being honest, I try products all the time and while most are good, few really WOW me, but this line did.  I live in S FL and struggle regularly with frizzy hair and after my first use of the Mineral Mud Mask, I was hooked.  My hair smelled and felt amazing.

Most importantly I loved the fact that it was a natural, mineral rich product and very unique for the spa and salon industry.  In fact, in 2011 Saphira succeeded in opening the very first, female owned, 100% natural hair care line using minerals from the Dead Sea.

Mineral+Mud_highDefinitionThe Dead Sea is rich with 26 essential minerals. These minerals nourish the scalp, activate circulation and enhance relaxation, repairing the hair and protecting it from stress and environmental damage.

This line is available at select spas and salons and if you have interest in having this product at your property, contact Valarie Maloff of Vast Spa Solutions.



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