Senior Moments – Behind the Scenes @ Rancho La Puerta

I caught a glimpse of the Rancho La Puerta welcome sign a felt a lump in my throat, because it hit me…this is really happening.

RLP sign

When I served as the Executive Director for the Destination Spa Group, I fell in love with the handful of properties that adhere to specific guidelines for health and wellbeing. At that time, I had hoped some day to share their stories. I believe too that the spa industry has much to learn from these founding properties, because there is so much more we can do for the wellbeing of our guests.

When I first learned of the story of Rancho La Puerta and the influence it’s founders Edmond and Deborah Szekely had on the spa and wellness industry, I was captivated and held the hope to someday tell my version of their story.

Deborah-Szekely-17-years-no-post-copyquote-our-adaptation-to-the-natural-forces-is-a-question-of-existence-or-non-existence-we-edmond-bordeaux-szekely-73-65-33RLP old photo

A few years ago I started to write a letter to Deborah because I felt synergy in our visions, but stopped, because I didn’t feel I had enough to offer. Deborah is known and loved within the spa industry, but her story is bigger and if there was ever a way, I would try my best to share her with a bigger audience. She is truly an american hero. So, I waited.

Years passed and then one day, not so long ago, I knew it was time. The concept for the second show, Senior Moments, was drafted and KET (PBS) offered to be our presenting station. As I began to think about what stories to tell I knew the moment had arrived to extend an invitation to the team at Rancho La Puerta and try in my own way to give back for everything they have done for us. They didn’t hesitate and readily accepted and we began our plans to travel to the Ranch and capture the moments to create a segment within the show.

Here are some pictures from our amazing time there and stay tuned because the show will launch this November on KET (PBS).

IMG_0122 IMG_0088 IMG_0125 IMG_0114 IMG_0069 IMG_0142 IMG_0072

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