Guess who’s producing another show?

Today is a great day.  It seems everything worth having takes time, effort, courage and a never wavering commitment.  For some time now, I have been working diligently to get a follow up show to the pilot of “Journey Into Wellbeing”  and have experienced amazing highs… Followed by some moments of frustration.

Things like when American Public Television agreed to distribute a series to over 200 million PBS households (if only I could come up with the million dollars to produce a series), or when the Disney owned, Live Well Network said they would air a mini-series (right before they shut down the network) or when the OWN network invited me to California to pitch the concept (“oh, you are probably a better fit for Super Soul Sunday and unfortunately they are in Chicago, but I’m happy to email your info.”).

There have been over a hundred….”we love you.. we love the concept, but we really can’t help.” These interactions, if nothing else, have thickened my skin and helped me develop an unshakeable belief in myself, which serves me in all matters.

On this journey to manifesting my purpose, there have been some who have held out their hand, have dug deep to keep me going.  Frontier Nursing University, the focus of my favorite segment has shown up in numerous ways; KET, who premiered the show in 2013 has faithfully aired it since and never charged me a dime; My small but mighty team Jason Parmer and Debra Locker have ceaselessly contributed their time and creativity; Eric, who supports all my crazy efforts, has patiently listened to me talk non-stop about this for over four years; Tori and Kellen, who I want to be proud of me; My dad, who likes everything I do.  There’s a subtler, but large group of friends who are my cheerleaders, too many to name, but they show up just when I need them most….in person, on the phone, in social media.  They give me the energy to keep going. Often it is a simple “like” or a “you go girl” that retrains my focus on the next step.

From Journey into Wellbeing shoot

From Journey into Wellbeing shoot

Journey into Wellbeing shoot

Journey into Wellbeing shoot

Through some recent conversations with my friend Kelly of OzzCare, I started thinking about our older population and what our future looks like as we continue to age.  Within these conversations and research, a concept for a new show was born.  I was hooked and committed to offering education, inspiration and little bit of fun to help keep our older adults healthy. Around the same time Jason and Debra showed up and said…”hey, let’s do another show.”  They volunteered their time to make this happen. Together we put the concept into something viable.  Journey into Wellbeing’s “A Senior Moment” was born and we just received word that not only does KET want to be our Premiering Station, they have offered to help us achieve national distribution.  Stay tuned as we start the process of finding the right people, stories, and places to highlight in our quest to inspire our nation’s health transformation.  If you have some thoughts…please share as we love it when great ideas come our way.  Oh, and one more thing..never EVER give up.

xoxo Debra

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