Hero of the Month: Eye Serum from Kahina Giving Beauty

message from dkMessage from Debra K:  As the Natural Health Explorer, I am always on the lookout for standout people, companies and services that are AS focused on making a difference as they are in making a profit.  Recently, I discovered such a company, Beauty Heroes.  Holding a passion for cleaning out the villain ingredients in our body care, founder Jeannie Jarnot has dedicated herself to finding personal care product companies that are doing the due diligence and taking the harder road of creating products free of toxins that are harmful to our bodies.  It is a harder path, because the cost of sourcing pure non-toxic ingredients is more expensive, regulated and very time consuming. 

Spa Heroes’ mission is to bring beauty back to its roots and to support products that are both simple and full of safe, non-toxic ingredients that you can trust…and that is a mission I support.  And now for $39 or less per month, you too can benefit from her hard work and receive a high value Spa Heroes monthly delivery full of quality clean skin, hair and nail products.  It’s like having a mini birthday every month.  Personally I can’t wait to see which hero will be arriving in my mailbox. Join me in supporting this hero company, by ordering a subscription today for yourself or as a gift.  Let’s support companies that are focused on making a difference.


More about September’s Hero of the Month: Eye Serum by Kahina Giving Beauty: 

24c37284d86649c3949bd283da31375bFrom the deserts of Morocco to Kahina Giving Beauty’s skincare line – the secret behind the results is the company’s love affair with Argan Oil. While embarking on a journey through a Moroccan desert, Kahina Giving Beauty’s founder Katharine L’Heureux used the oil to coat her face with a hydrating barrier. Even after enduring the harsh weather conditions, the Argan Oil, acting as a hydrating barrier, left her skin resplendent and luminous. On this foundation blossomed Kahina Giving Beauty – a skincare line that honors tradition while still meeting a modern woman’s practical beauty needs.

As a way of honoring and celebrating the Berber women in Morocco that extract the Argan Oil used in the company’s products, Kahina Giving Beauty operates on sustainable and ethical product development. In her own words, Katharine describes her company’s philosophy: “Giving Beauty, our company name, refers to our policy of giving back to these women – by paying them a fair wage and donating to programs that support them and their families.” In addition, the name Kahina itself gives a  empowering nod to the Berber women – Kahina is the name of a North African Queen who ruled in 700 CE.

Kahina Giving Beauty’s luxurious Eye Serum is featured as September’s Beauty Hero! With a lightweight and stimulating formula, this eye serum works hard to lessen puffiness and dark circles. The infusion of botanicals, Argan Oil and other super-star ingredients help to treat the problematic under-eye area with a gentle touch. Even more, this formula is fast-absorbing which makes it ideal for everyday wear!  Use this serum to cure your under-eye frustrations and you too can benefit from a solution that’s been tried and true for generations.

About Jeannie Jarnot

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.14.14 PMAs founder of Spa Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot has manifested her dedication to non-toxic beauty and whole person health. After nearly two decades as a luxury spa director, Jeannie turned her passion for finding high-quality, high-performance products for face, body and hair into a service that simplifies the process of using safe beauty products. Her natural beauty subscription box, Spa Heroes, reflects her vision that we resist the urge to compromise health in pursuit of a youthful or otherwise desirable appearance, and that by using pure ingredients, we learn to “Use Less. Love More.”

Jeannie’s mission is to clean up the beauty business. Seeking out high-quality, all natural products for skin, hair and sun was her work for many years as a spa director in Northern California. Now she has applied this lifelong passion and intuition to her natural beauty subscription box service, delivering 100-percent toxin-free beauty products from a variety of equally dedicated brands. Her vision is that we embrace our natural beauty and resist compromising health in pursuit of a youthful or otherwise desirable appearance and that we “Use Less. Love More.”

Connect with Beauty Heroes and their mission to provide a simple way for safe skin care by following their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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