Natural Care for your Pets…. Karma’s Story

Karma KittyMy precious little kitty, Karma, has not been herself lately.  A few months ago she began to experience seizure type behavior and weight loss.  She has been an indoor cat her whole life and we usually take her to the vet only when there is a problem.  When she had her first attack we immediately rushed her in and after full exam and blood work, they said nothing was showing as being wrong and had no advice on what to do.  She had previously been diagnosed with a thyroid issue and at the time we were told she could either go on specially formulated food for the thyroid or we could give her medication.  We chose the dry food option, thinking it was safer and more natural and based on the price of the food, assumed it was of good quality.  We were wrong!

After her first couple of seizures, I decided to look at the list of ingredients on the Vet prescribed food and felt my heart sink when I saw that the first 3 ingredients were corn gluten, pork fat and soy.  YIKES!  Of all people, I should have known better.  My heart sank because our trust in the doctor had probably cost our cat two years of nutritional support.  And yes, her blood panel showed improvement in her thyroid…but at what cost?  Her life?

I reached out to my network and asked for a recommendation on a vet who follows more holistic and natural practices and was referred to Dr. Michael Dym, who amazingly makes house calls.  We set up a time and he stopped in.  We spent an hour talking specifically about cats and Karma.  What a surprise to find someone willing to invest the time in the care of a pet.  We don’t even get this level of care with our human doctors. 

He gave me some specific recommendations of which I have been following slowly but surely; improved diet, natural supplements and vitamins.  Breaking kitty off her “fast food” crap diet has not been easy… as she seems to like it.  He recommended I read the book, “The Natural Cat” by Anitra Frazier and through both of these resources we have started to make significant changes.  Within one week of the food changes and adding in a couple natural support supplements, I am happy to report that Karma has gained weight, her eyes are brighter, her fur is less matted and I have not seen her seize up.   While she is 15 and not a spring chicken anymore, she seems to have that playful sparkle back as she once again takes personal pleasure in stepping right on my head when I’m sleeping.

  Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.14.13 PM

Here are a few of the things we changed that are making a huge difference in her quality of life.  As you can see, these are not major things…only small changes because we educated ourselves on what is most important.

  1. We ditched the dry food:  Dry food is the most processed, nutritionally depleted and hardest on the body to digest.  Find a high quality natural frozen, raw or canned food that is free of gunk.  I am currently using PetGuard, which is only offered in select stores.  I had to email them to find a distributor.
  2. We read ingredient labels: Read your pet food labels and try to eliminate ingredients such as by- products, additives, chemical preservatives, glutens, soy and corn.  Chapter 2 in the book above gives detail about what is good and not good for your pet.
  3. We offer food only at certain times:  Do not leave food down 24/7 as it messes with a cat’s internal system of how they naturally eat.  Prepare an appropriate amount and place down for the cat 2-3x/day and then lift it all after 45 minutes.  If you work all day, feed the cat in the morning and again at night.
  4. We are adding in supplements:  Cats need supplements as well.  Find a holistic vet in your area and ask about quality vitamins, minerals and other natural support that can be added to the food you feed.

These changes have within a couple weeks already made a huge improvement in Karma.  For the first time in along time she was running around the house like a kitten and feeling playful again. And yes, it was much easier to just fill her dry food bowl when it got low, but I would much rather have a healthy happy kitty, than one that is a victim of trust in my doctor and convenience.

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