From Walking to Running: How I Trained For My First 5K


There are some platforms I truly love writing for and Mind Body Green is definitely one of my favorites.  They always have interesting content and engaged writers sharing their passion and expertise on natural health and wellness.  I was so honored when I became a regular contributor and hope to continue to bring their readers great information on staying healthy and vital.

I was reminiscing recently on my fitness journey and acknowledging the accomplishments I have made and wanted to share an article about prepping for your first 5k.  Here is a link to the article:

I Started Running At 46. Here’s How I Trained For My First 5K


And, just for fun, here is a short video of me crossing the finish line for the first and only time to date.  LOL.  If I could do this as an avid non-runner, then I believe you can too.

 DK 5k





(Me and my brother-in-law Coach Mike)

Maybe we can run one together some day.  Until then, Stay Well….Debra K

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