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Hero of the Month: Double Shot Body Serum

Message from Debra K:  As the Natural Health Explorer, I am always on the lookout for standout people, companies and services that are AS focused on making a difference as they are in making a profit.  Recently, I discovered such a company, Spa Heroes.  Holding a passion […]

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From Walking to Running: How I Trained For My First 5K

There are some platforms I truly love writing for and Mind Body Green is definitely one of my favorites.  They always have interesting content and engaged writers sharing their passion and expertise on natural health and wellness.  I was so honored when I became a regular contributor and […]

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6 Reasons to do a Beauty Cabinet Detox

Author: Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Spa Heroes | Article originally published on Spa Heroes There’s a lot of talk these days about the toxic ingredients in beauty and skin care products – those nasties that are simply not good for you and have no place in a healthy lifestyle. […]

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3 Short & Long Distance Running Injuries & How to Treat them

Author: Teri & Ellen from Running injuries aren’t fun. They can leave you sidelined from your favorite activities as your body forces you to recover safely. And we’re not just talking about injuries that result from long distance running but the kind of injuries that sneak […]

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