Stay Healthy During Summer Travel

As we head into summer, there is a good chance you and the family might be hitting the road and taking a trip.  What is often supposed to be a pleasurable experience can turn into a nightmare you need to recover from when you return.  If you are not taking care of your body during travel, the stress can be exacerbated by not feeling well, both physically and psychologically.  To help keep you sane and healthy, here are a few tips on fitness and food choices.


Plan Ahead:

There are many things you can do in advance of travel to ensure you stay on the right track, but most importantly you have to set the intention to do so.  It is too easy to get off track if you are not committed in some way to adhere to a good health plan.

Plan for Fitness:

  • Select your hotel with fitness in mind – Good quality gym, access to trails, swimming pool
  • Take fitness needs with you – Workout gear, stretchy bands, yoga mat so even if the hotel you stay in does not support staying active you can still have a fitness routine in your room
  • Keep it interesting by accessing full or short online classes in your room.  I have set group of short classes I do on you tube – when crunched for time or space, these are a great way to do something good for my body
  • Plan activities that involve movement will reap the benefits of exercising while having a great time. Some ideas; swimming, hiking, putt putt, canoeing, wall climbing, kid gyms, dog parks, play grounds, sports, paddle boating and skate board parks.  There are lots of things to do that will be fun and also incorporate movement.

Plan your Eating:

  • To minimize temptation while traveling it is always a good idea to travel with your own snacks –  (I will travel with some or all of the following on hand at all times; sunflower seed butter, fresh fruits and vegetables that are cleaned and ready to eat, turkey jerky, roasted pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, gluten free crackers and hummus.
  • Use Restaurant finder apps:  I have Yelp which helps me find healthy restaurants in the area I am staying.  You also get the benefit of reading customer reviews so can find a really good one
  • Ask for a refrigerator for your room, then find a grocery to stock up on healthy snacks.


Most importantly, remember you are supposed to be having fun, so try and tame the voice that keeps reminding you about all the things you “should” be doing and recognize that you have the rest of your life to make good decisions. So relax, have some fun and most importantly treasure the moments you spend with friends and family. 

Have fun and enjoy the sun!



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