Simplify Wellbeing and Make it a Priority! By Debra K

Not too long ago, I was a chronic workaholic super human corporate drone overachiever.  Even then, I knew the cost I was paying by trying to do too much with too little.  The cost:  MY HEALTH. As a single mom, executive climbing the ladder I ended up in the doctor’s office with a host of ailments including insomnia, chronic heartburn, high cholesterol, fatigue and extra weight.  I had held the philosophy that the more I could achieve, the “better” I would be.  I’ve sense learned that not only is less sometimes better, but I have to be well to do my best.  In the process of doing less, I’ve also come up with easier ways to ensure wellbeing stays at the top of my “to do” list.

When you experience wellness you will have the energy and brain power to accomplish all you need to more effectively.

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Debra enjoying a raw cuisine meal.

Put yourself first – An “ah ha” moment arrived a couple years ago when I realized that much of my energy was being spent on others…other people’s businesses, welfare, success and wellbeing.  It was almost shocking for me to realize I had put myself at the bottom of my own priority list.  A big step towards reducing my chaotic overworking was to move myself to the top of the list.  I somehow knew that by doing this, I would make better choices about how I spent my time.  By taking better care of myself, it became easier to help others because it was now coming from a place of self-care first.   I could set personal boundaries easier and when I did do for others I held less resentment which can weigh a person down.

Simplify your snacking process – You have to have the energy to do all you need to do during the day.  Fortunately, nature provides us exactly what we need in handy little packages called fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  In our time starved lives it becomes easy to quickly grab a bag of snacks.  It’s important to know that if it comes in a handy bag it most likely is an over processed, sugar loaded, genetically modified bunch of gunk.  Try to keep handy fresh fruits, vegetable snacks, pumpkin seeds, nut butters and easy to grab items that are filled with nutrients and won’t have you craving more junk in a short period of time.

Go!  Energizers – A fast easy way to get a super charge of vitamins and nutrients is to add fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies into your diet.  Plan ahead by keeping ingredients in your refrigerator and then first thing in the morning whip up a fresh one to kick-start your energy and your day.  Use equal parts greens and fruit with some pea or rice protein and you are sure to be super charged for the day.  Energizers will keep for a day in the refrigerator so make extra and have some at work too.

Force the Chill – This one is hard, especially for us Type-A workaholics, but it is vital for our overall wellbeing that we take time out and chill!  It has been proven that taking a few moments to “not do” can make you better when you go back to doing.  I have set a timer on my phone to go off twice during the day with a reminder to take a few moments off and relax. I use this time to get up and stretch, focus on my breathing, sit quietly for a moment, or to grab a healthy snack.  I’m not a napper, but I will lie down for 30 minutes and close my eyes.

Make movement an easy choice – We all know exercise is good for us, but often us Type A’s figure if we can’t go out and do some serious hard core fitness, we might as well not even bother.  Make exercising easier by inviting movement during your regular day.  For example, keep a yoga mat in front of your television so when it’s time to check out, you can stretch during commercials.  Always have your workout clothes ready to go by the front door so when the mood hits you can grab and go.  Hang stretch bands around the house and when you are in between work activities you can work your upper body.  You can be creative in this way at work to. 

What will you do today to prioritize wellbeing?

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