Enough Already, It’s time to GET FIT!!

Have you ever noticed when you are exercising regularly, you love to keep track, share about it on social media and brag to your friends.  OK, maybe I’m projecting, but you know someone like that.  But, then then something happens.  It stops.  Crickets now chirp on your Facebook page when it comes to your fitness activity.   Time passes and suddenly you realize it’s been days, maybe weeks, since you did anything. The time off sure seemed to go quickly. For me, a few years passed without too much activity.  I’m not the only one who’s like this, right?  Life is all about getting on and off the wellness wagon and when it comes to me and regular exercise, I’ve spent much more time around the campfire roasting marshmallows than being on the fitness train.
It’s not always easy to start and maintain an exercise routine. I can remember way back in the day, putting on shiny spandex with leg warmers (a very important accompaniment) and heading to the gym for a step aerobics class. That lasted a week because while I looked fab, it really was hard work. I tried jogging and then realized I got really winded, which wasn’t very fun. I even tried Zumba®, recently. I felt more like a Oompa Loompa, than those fit booty girls on the commercials…but oh well, at least I tried. Well, all the start and stop strategies were fine in my twenties and thirties, but now in my mid-forties it’s time to get serious about fitness. To start me on a better track this time, I decided to reach out for the advice of a professional. Molly Galbraith, is a strength coach and personal trainer with Girls Gone Strong. She is also featured in the Journey into Wellbeing’s pilot episode.  You can watch it here
DK: What are the benefits of starting a simple fitness routine?


  • Improves mood and outlook – The hormones produced during exercise have been shown to improve mood which can lead to other great things…when you’re happier and more at ease, then other challenges seem easier. Doing something healthy for your body gives you a sense of accomplishment that you did something good for you.
  • Better sleep – Because you are expending additional energy during the day, there’s a good chance you’re going to sleep better.
  • Lose body fat and gain muscle – Even in untrained individuals, you can gain muscle with simple exercises like walking and yoga. Starting a simple walking routine can stimulate body fat loss and improve body composition.

What Molly said really resonates with me. Since moving to the warmer climate in Florida I have maintained a walking routine for a couple years now. Prior to moving, things had been incredibly stressful and I had gained about 25 pounds in a year. Walking and some dietary changes helped me to drop 20 pounds.

dk chubby

Me right before I moved to Florida. My daughter’s look says it all. WTH Mom?










DK: Sometimes the hardest part of starting a fitness routine is just getting out the door, what would you say to encourage people when they’re wavering about getting started?

  • Have your stuff ready to go at all times. When the thought first crosses your mind that you will exercise tomorrow, go ahead and get everything out and ready so not only will it serve as a reminder, but you won’t have the excuse of running out of time.
  • Once you get there, you never regret going, but if you don’t go you might regret it. It isn’t very often that people beat themselves up for working out.
  • Put it in your schedule like a meeting, set an alert which allows time to – treat it like a non-negotiable.

DK: For someone who has not been very active for a while, what are three tips you would offer to get them started?

  • Get cleared by your doctor and then seek out a professional. View this endeavor as you would anything else you are not trained in such as plumbing or accounting. Find someone who is trained well in what you hope to accomplish and have them help you get started.
  • Start slowly and be kind to yourself. You can always progress and make your routine more difficult. I call this the minimal effective dosage. Which means you CAN get results with less effort. If you start and decide you have to work out like crazy, most likely you will end up sore, injured and more motivated to quit.
  • Find something you will be willing to stick to. If you jump into your new activity and set goals of working out 6 days each week for an hour each time, this might be too much too soon. Start softer and celebrate the small successes. These will keep you motivated and excited.

Whew, her second point rang true for me too. I recently bought an online deal for circuit training classes, so without any prep, decided to jump right in. The competitor in me had to do it all, of course. After that class I could barely walk (or sit to go pee pee) without the neighbors hearing my screams of agony. Not only did I lose out on walking for a few days, but I never went back.  Since then, I have progressed from walking to running and actually ran my first 5K recently.  I also now work out with a strength trainer, Christine King, a couple times a week.


dk muscle

Wow!! I have a muscle now thanks to Ms. Christine King

DK 5k

Me and my brother in-law, coach Michael, at my first 5k. Yep, I was the only one in a costume…what’s wrong with these people?













Thanks for the tips Molly, I think I’m going to give something new a try…who wants to join me?
Debra K

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