The 5 Lessons I Learned at Destination Spas

In mid-2007, deciding it was time to be done with corporate America, I took my big leap into entrepreneurship. Holding a passion for health and wellness, and wanting to spend the second half of my life working in positive environments, I co-founded a wellness education and consulting company, Well World Group. The intention with this leap was to land in the spa industry; since then, I have been fortunate to visit and work with some of the most respected destination spas around the world.

Lotus positionDestination spas are the original spas and are dedicated to the inner and outer wellbeing of their guests. They provide support for weight loss and proper nutrition, while offering a slew of fitness activities, workshops/classes and spa services. They are sanctuaries for the soul. There are not many destination spas out there, so if given the opportunity to visit one, be sure and do it.

Having spent time happily immersed in the destination spa culture I picked up a few things to share. These tips will help you live healthier daily, or at least until you can make it to a spa!

No need for fat, salt, or sugar

I tasted some of the most fabulous foods ever at destination spas and all were minimally prepared with a minimum of salt and artificial seasonings. Fresh herbs taste amazing and minimize the need to add fake flavors. At home: for salads, add in some chopped cilantro and mint. Herbs add enough flavors that you only need a simple oil and rice vinegar.

Less is enough

Some spas offer a reduced calorie plan. Even when I was on a 1,200 calorie diet, I felt completely satiated and full. The lesson: less really is okay. Try eating smaller meals and filling snacks more frequently. Not only will this balance your blood sugar levels, but you will be less likely to eat large portions at meal times.

Exercise came easily

I have not always been the most active person, so I was nervous about the prospect of exercising daily. Happily, I was amazed at how quickly my body adapted (and liked) up to three hours of exercise every day that included hiking, Zumba, and cardio boxing. The lesson: Regardless of your current condition, your body welcomes and quickly responds to activity. If you have been inactive for a long time, start slowly with activities like walking and yoga.

Lots of energy

When at a destination spa, I always seemed to sleep better and awake early with lots of energy and vibrancy. Movement, proper nutrition, and community support – all of which are found at destination spas – ensure better rest and more energy. The lesson: making the effort to embrace a healthier lifestyle will help your body relax when it is time.

Nuggets of Wellness Wisdom

Not only your body benefits from the lessons taught at destination spas, your mind learns a whole lot too. Spa programs are great at helping you put things into perspective and shift your points of view. A lesson: feeling grouchy or stressed? Take 15 minutes to walk away from the electronics and decompress. You could lie down, do some stretches or yoga moves, cuddle with your child or pet, or go for a walk. Or, just simply breathe!


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  1. What a great piece! Thank you for writing this. I saw your write-up in Palm Beach Illustrated and was very inspired. You’re on the right path!

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