Does an Acidic or Alkaline Diet Matter?

alkaline-waterAlkaline water was more recently introduced to me by a dear friend battling cancer. Some studies have shown the ability to fight cancer by making your body alkaline. Some believe there is a correlation between the increase rates of cancer (along with many other chronic, debilitating diseases) while our bodies have become more acidic from our processed-food diets. Now there are diet trends that encourage eating a high alkaline diet, to not only promote weight loss but some sources even claim that the diet can help and decrease the risk of developing cancer and arthritis. I was so convince of this theory that I started adding alkaline drops to my drinking water…it sounded like the miracle drink to me. Just drink this alkaline water and I can fight off potential life threatening disease and lose weight? Done!

The following article from the Lifetime weight loss blog was most helpful in providing a balanced look at both points of view on this debate…

Does an Acidic or Alkaline Diet Matter?

What are your thoughts and/or experiences?

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