Spring Into a Journey Into Wellbeing

Delray Beach, FLA. – It’s April… shed the layers, dust off your hiking shoes and spring ahead on a health and wellness journey! As the host of The Journey into Wellbeing® TV series, airing now on PBS stations nationwide, Debra K. intends to help you begin a voyage on solid footing.


“To support my mission of making America healthier, I see spring as a great time to share simple changes that have worked for me on my personal health journey,” says Debra K., who spent part of the winter cleansing from six food sensitivities. The past few months also included the launch of The Journey; the release of Debra’s massage text, “Success from the Start;” and she was named the natural health explorer for www.SpryLiving.com. Debra has done the work so you can reap the benefits of the healthiest spring to date. Her four tips are cost- and stress free, and work for every member of the family:


1. Go! Energizers – “I’ve done the hard-core dieting and detoxing. The thought of punching my calories into my phone app. for the rest of my life is about as appealing as when it’s time for my annual pap smear!” laughs Debra. Instead, she has committed to adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables and deterring cravings by blending an energizer every morning. Visit www.reciperedoblog.com for some of Debra’s favorite recipes.


2. Invite Movement and RSVP Yes! – “I’ve noticed that the more expectation I place around exercising, the harder it is to do and the guiltier I feel when I don’t. I have never been one to structure myself long-term to commit to an exercise routine,” says Debra, who places reminders throughout her house to exercise. To make things simple, she has a yoga mat set up in front of the TV and keeps a stretch band in the kitchen to work those shoulder muscles when the coffee is brewing. Debra keeps a fit ball near her computer and does crunches when she needs a break from work. Tennis shoes and socks are always by the door as a reminder to get out and walk.


3. Be Like a Cow – “It’s not obvious to most people, but cows are lucky. They go straight to the source and eat what they need right out of the earth. Humans have too many bad options to pick from and what we choose is often in a bag or box, too far from the original source,” advises Debra who is focusing on eating foods in the form that is closest to their origination. Her advice: pick produce yourself, become part of a farm delivery program, buy fresh at a farmer’s market or produce stand, or buy raw whole foods at your grocery.


4. Force the Chill – Always-on-the-go Debra adds, “This one is hard, especially for us Type-A workaholics, but it is vital for our overall wellbeing that we take time out and chill! I have set a timer on my phone to go off twice during the day with a reminder to take a few moments off and relax.”


Debra would love to hear your natural health tips and experiences. Feel free to write to her on Twitter @DebrasJourney or Facebook at Journey into Wellbeing with Debra K.


About Debra K

Debra K. is the host and executive producer of The Journey into Wellbeing®, which began airing in February on PBS stations in eight states. She is also the co-owner of imassage, Inc.; executive director of the Destination Spa Group; and author of “Success from the Start”. Debra K. is a natural health explorer who left a Fortune 250 company to create The Journey into Wellbeing movement to positively impact the health of the nation. More details on www.JourneyIntoWellbeing.com and http://reciperedoblog.com.


Originally Posted on May 9th, 2013 by Beautifully Said Magazine

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