Which Cleanse is Right For You?

There are a number of different detoxes and cleanses. Which kind is right for you?

By Debra K | Posted February 10, 2014


Cleanses and detoxes are very popular, but can be confusing.  We all hold different perceptions on what a cleanse is and so maybe forgo trying one, because it is too confusing.  If you are considering a detox, here are some thoughts to explore.

What are some different cleanses?
There are a number of detoxes available for every type of person, from 21-day cleanses to one-day mini fasts. Detoxing doesn’t necessarily mean you eliminate all solid foods.  Sometimes you might just want to eliminate foods you know cause you issue.  For example I regularly do short detoxes that remove specific, inflammatory foods I know cause me issue; gluten, soy, dairy, corn and peanuts.  I do not have to restrict quantity and seldom feel deprived.  For you,  the most important thing to keep in mind is that detoxing can be about making small lifestyle and diet enhancements and not about deprivation.  If you choose to do a more extreme detox, it is best to find an expert to guide you through the process..

Some ideas that almost anyone can try are the following;

Go!  Energizers: To instantly and easily increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet, I recommend drinking two raw fruit and green smoothies daily.  It is very simple to add cleaned and prepared fresh fruit, leafy greens and water to the blender and blend. No other diet change needed. You might notice immediate improvements in your health, energy levels and ability to concentrate.  Visit my Recipe Redo Blog for some of my recipes

Raw Vegetable Substitute: Increase the amount of raw food you consume by skipping fries, potatoes and overcooked vegetables and, instead, choosing green salads, slaws and raw mixed vegetables. Consider making one meal a day out of a well-anointed salad with a healthy dressing. The large dose of fiber and vitamins will assist elimination and do your body good.

Eliminate Inflammatory Foods: You might consider eliminating foods that have the highest inflammatory or allergenic potential. This includes dairy; gluten-containing foods such as wheat, rye, barley, soy, and refined foods; red meat; shellfish; caffeine; and alcohol. If you dedicate a couple weeks to eliminating one type food that you are allergic to, you will be surprised at how great you feel

What does each type accomplish?
I believe we are a society running on partially-fueled bodies. Our bodies work hard to eliminate environmental and ingested toxins. As a result of this, and a sedentary lifestyle, our energy levels can become severely depleted. When we have decreased energy, it often becomes easier to forgo exercise and make unhealthy food choices.  Detoxing from bad habits and bad foods can go a long way in refueling our bodies and providing the energy to take on all the projects we have in our busy lives.

The benefits of detoxification are extensive. They include weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy, improvement in cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and decreased hormonal symptoms seen with menopausal women. If you have eliminated a food item you are allergic to, the improvements could be remarkable and include reduced phlegm, weight loss, decreased bloating and a reduction in anxiety symptoms.

In the short term, a healthy detox diet or juice-fasting program will flush toxins that have accumulated in the body. Over the long term, you can make changes in your lifestyle by choosing to create a couple of healthy habits per year. My top recommendations are to add green smoothies to your diet, reduce the amount of white food such as flour and sugar, and consciously choose to skip over-processed and overcooked foods for fresh raw vegetable dishes.

How does one choose the right cleanse? 
When choosing a cleanse, it’s critical that people begin by asking themselves, “What is it I am seeking to accomplish with this cleanse?” I would be cautious of over-committing if weight loss is the only goal.

  • If your objective is to feel better or to try and determine food allergies, then proceed with some simple detoxes with vigor.
  • If a couple of green smoothies a day works for your busy lifestyle, start there.
  • If you want to look vibrant for an upcoming event, allow yourself enough time to experience the results.
  • If you prefer to do a long-term cleanse, consider working with a doctor, nutritionist or holistic health provider to build your customized, healthy program.
  • If you have a healthy eating routine in place, it may not be a big challenge to commit to a 21-day cleanse.

It’s all about figuring out what will work for your lifestyle so that you set yourself up for success from the beginning.

If you have any questions about cleanses, feel free to reach out.

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  1. Great article with lots of useful detox information. I personally find that a 3 day fruit smoothie detox works really well for me as I am menopausal and have suffered many sleepless nights with flush’s and night sweats which can be extremely unpleasant. My detox plan seems to eliminate a lot of the symptoms ensuring a good nights sleep.I will definitely try some of the veggie smoothies very soon. Thankyou for all the information and tips.

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