Engage Clients in a Year of Wellness: Five Strategies for Rebooking

SpaCanadaImageA new year, new beginnings, and a new pattern of routine. While clients’ calendars are less than packed, it’s an ideal time to focus on building loyalty and a great way to do this is to focus your team on rebooking. From dentists to physical therapists, whenever we visit a healthcare provider, it is expected they will pre-book our next appointment. As spa professionals, I believe it is our ethical obligation to educate and invite every client to experience the benefits of regular therapeutic massage, as well as all spa services.

Strategies for rebooking:

1. Establish a relationship by saying the client’s name a few times during the session.

This is a powerful, yet overlooked, approach that creates a true connection. As Dale Carnegie once said, “Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

2. Have a compelling offer or reason for them to rebook.

Be clear, tell them what to do next, and give them a good reason to do so. Suggested script: “The 2014 Wellness Program is a favorite because it will allow you to get faster results, save money and have you feeling better sooner. At your next session, we will focus on your left shoulder in order to decrease your current level of pain and restriction.” When you are this clear, it’s remarkable how quickly people take action.

3. Become part of the client’s health team.

As a practitioner, you have a set of skills that are very effective for easing the client’s presenting condition. This gives you segue into bringing up the topic of booking another session. For example, “I believe having a regular facial will offer you quicker results for your presenting condition and I’d like to book a session for you early next week. Would this same time work for you?” Also, when inviting a client to return, you might say, “When you schedule your next session…” instead of, “If you schedule another session…” This plants a seed in their mind that subtly implies they are going to book another session with you.

4. Be authentic.

As a client, there is nothing worse than feeling like you are being sold something. You have to believe in what you are recommending. As a manager, encourage your team to learn as much about their offerings as possible and gauge their level of confidence in the services they provide so they can confi dently make recommendations.

5. Be willing to invest in your team.

As a customer experience consultant, I am often told there isn’t enough money in the budget to invest in training and development. This is always surprising, because the cost to continually market for new clients to subsidize an average team is far higher than the cost to empower them. Client loyalty is your spa’s bucket of gold waiting to be found!
debrak-847x1024About the Author: Debra Koerner wears many hats and one she has recently donned is that of wellness advisor. Debra and her team members at Well World, Inc. are ready to come to your spa and transform your guest experience and increase your level of team engagement.
You can reach her at dk@journeyintowellbeing.com.
When she is not working on her consulting projects, Debra is the host and executive producer of “The Journey into Wellbeing” TV series on PBS; author of the massage text, “Success from the Start:”; is a regular online contributor to Spry Living & Healing Lifestyles and Spas; and is a member of the advisory board for New Beauty Wellness.
Written by: Debra Koerner, Founder, Well World, Inc. | Originally published in Spa Canada Magazine, JAN/FEB 2014 Issue, Pg. 40
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