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Dieting? Low self-esteem? To Weigh or Not to Weigh…

The scale isn’t the ONLY way to figure out if your dietary changes are worth the effort. BY DEBRA K | POSTED APRIL 11, 2013 on We are a weight-obsessed country. In fact, CBS News reports that we spend about $35 billion a year on weight-loss products. But […]

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Pregnant With Cancer: How to Cope

How a mother-to-be discovered the true meaning of wellbeing through her breast cancer diagnosis. BY DEBRA K | POSTED APRIL 8, 2013 on Thinkstock In late 2011, Jessica Matthews received a call that would change her life.  Following a biopsy, she was informed she had breast cancer.  This […]

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Lessons from Destination Spas

Three weeks in a healthy, supportive environment provided some much-needed perspective. BY DEBRA K | POSTED MARCH 28, 2013 on Thinkstock One of the benefits of being human is we get to choose where we invest our time and energy aind if we’re fortunate work in a job […]

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Letter to My Chubby Roll

BY DEBRA K | POSTED MARCH 21, 2013 on To see me and my chubby roll, watch the pilot episode of the Journey into Wellbeing—after you read and share this article, of course. I’ve had a running dialogue with my chubby roll most of my life. It has been […]

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