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Watch your own garden grow with The no-Fail Guide to Gardening

Debra K chats with Master Gardener Kay Cannon on how best to help a garden grow. BY DEBRA K | POSTED MAY 30, 2013 on As I venture out into the world of health and wellbeing one thing becomes increasingly clear: it is vital we eat healthy, whole […]

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On and Off the Fitness Wagon? How I’ve managed to start and stick with it

Three useful tips to consider before diving into your mid-life fitness regimen. BY DEBRA K | POSTED MAY 23, 2013 on One year and 10 months ago, I found myself in the mid part of my life’s journey and facing some significant life changes. In the six months […]

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Around the World Radio – Tips for Travel from Debra K

Around the World Radio – August 2013 –  Listen HERE – Debra K on Around the World Radio with tips to keep you healthy on your trips around the world

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Journey Detox: Tips for Staying Healthy While on the Road

Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Charu Suri on Butterfly Diary I remember my resolve to exercise and eat healthily on a recent trip to the Napa Valley. Even though my schedule was intense (a few vineyards each day, plus plenty of guided walks and early breakfasts), I was […]

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